• A brief introduction to the German legal system

    Legal scholars recognize four major legal systems: the Common Law, the Codified Law (aka Civil Law), mixed legal systems and the Sharia (Islamic law). While the Common Law, through the British Empire and its colonies, was brought to the four corners of the world, the most common legal system today is the Codified Law.


  • Refund of German Federal Pension Fund

    Non-German employees who worked in Germany can apply for refund of the employee’s contribution to the German Federal Pension Fund under certain conditions.

    The following resume gives a short overview about the general conditions regarding the citizenship of the employees. Divergences in individual cases are possible. GKT will provide you advice, help and guidance in order to get refunded your contribution.


  • Trade relations between the European Union and Iran – more exports, less restrictions

    Just behind Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Islamic Republic of Iran ranks third among the largest economies in the Middle East and is home to numerous internationally successful businesses – in spite of drastic trade restrictions that have been imposed on the country in the past years. Meanwhile, the political leaders of Iran have taken first steps towards curbing the country’s nuclear program; in return, the United Nations, the European Union and the United States of America have agreed to lift the economic sanctions considerably.


  • Introduction of India desk in GKT

    The world’s largest democracy, India is leaping high in global growth in recent years. Its changing business, legal and regulatory policies with political stability is attracting business deals from inbound and outbound clients.

    GKT expands its international legal desk with the joining of our associate Indian qualified lawyer, Ms. Jyoti Prabha on the firm’s India desk. In order to ensure optimal entry into the Indian market or to further develop your Indo-German ties, our India desk supports you in all fields relating to legal advisory services.


  • GKT advises Spanish Building Corp. on projects in Western Africa

    GKT advises a Spanish Building Corp. in JV negotiations with an Ivorian developper. The goal is the joint construction and sale of a higher quantity of social and luxury houses in the region of Abidjan, capital of Ivory Coast within several projects, where the clients are employees of important Ivorian institutions and companies such as the biggest newspaper “Fraternité Matin”. GKT is in charge of the JV’s legal structure, cooperating close with Ivorian entities. The first project shall still start in 2015.


  • AÜG and Service contracts

    Since 1972 the supply of temporary workers is regulated in the German law (the so called “AÜG”). The principle is easy:

    The agency/ company is employer, who supplies the employee to the hirer. The hirer receives manpower. An employment only exists between the agency and the employee. The employee receives a monthly salary based on hours worked. Most important for the employer, such kind of company object requires a license issued by the Federal Agency of Employment.

    However, some agencies argue a license is not required, if service contracts are used. The recruitment of “Freelancer” could escape the AÜG restrictions with using service contracts.